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Thread: Angus Trim Blunt Longsword for Sale

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    Angus Trim Blunt Longsword for Sale

    I have an Angus Trim blunt training longsword for sale. It was made to order in early 2007 and sold for $550 new. I would say it is in fair to good condition. There is good structural integrity but there was some minor rust on the pommel, crossguard, and blade. I've removed the rust but there is still some black staining.

    35 1/2" blade
    11 1/4" hilt
    46 3/4" overall

    Great for the advanced longsword student wanting something more real feeling than a waster or shinai.

    $250 asking price, but I may accept a lower reasonable offer.

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    Oh, nice. When you say blunt, do you mean unsharpened or do you mean blunt like for sparring/reenactment/stage? I'd be interested in a stage Atrim, although I might not be able to do $250.
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    Hi Kevin,

    It is indeed a purpose-made blunt for sparring/training/reenactment/stage/etc. It cannot be sharpened to a normal edge. However, I do really like that the blade looks more like that of a real sword than many other blunts out there. Send me a PM with your offer if you're interested.


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