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Thread: pweld short goose quill dao

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    pweld short goose quill dao

    Hello All,
    here is a 16.5" blade. 1080 and 15n20. hope you like. I may just sell as loose blade, or I may try to collab for fittings. I am not sure. I may even make the rest myself.

    coments welcomed.

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    Nice blade Kevin.
    I suggest you finish it and make a nice rest to.
    show us the hows and dont's..pls.
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    I hope to get someone who is much more talented than me to make the fittings. This is too curved to be "right" for a goose quill saber. But, it is close. It should also have composite construction and a clay heat treatment. So, it is more of an American sword inspired by the Chinese goose quill dao. However, I think it is still a good, and visually-appealing blade. So, I am going to finish it.

    Future blades will be increasingly-closer to historical accuracy, at least for awhile.

    I will be sure to show more about the process for the next one. I hesitated with this one, because I first thought I would not show anything of it until it was complete and photo'd by professionals.

    thanks for looking.


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    Hello Everyone - as of now, it appears that I am going to work with Philip Tom to get the handle and sheath made and Charles Wu to make the fittings. These fellows are each the top-of-the-line. If there is anyone who is interested in a beautiful slicing dao short sword, and you want to have some say in the way the sheath and fittings are done, the contact me now! I am going to sell this package when done. If you would be interested, and want to have a say in having it truly customized, then contact me asap.

    Otherwise, we will just do what we think looks best and historic (according to Philip's voluminous knowledge).

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    Thanks for sharing with us Kevin. I like the blade a lot. Looks great. Nice contrast. I look forward to seeing the finished product.
    "If you can draw it, we can make it".

    Matt Stagmer - Sword Maker @ BKS


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