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Thread: Custom Kriegsmesser

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    Custom Kriegsmesser

    Here is a custom Swiss saber/messer that we just finished.

    This is based off of a sword that also had a side plate that the customer did not want on this sword. I would be very interested in making the side plated version.

    This custom features a 36.5" curved and distal tapered saber blade.
    The guard was hand forged to shape.
    The pommel is 5 rods forged together and twisted.
    The handle is Hickory with a spiral flute.

    I have a bunch of forging and in progress photos of this sword that I will upload and share with you soon.

    Here is the Stage Combat Version

    More pics and info here :

    Comments and questions are welcome!
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    It looks a lot like an early Swiss Saber...
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    That was the inspiration for this piece. A Swiss Saber with a side plate, but the customer wanted it without the side plate.
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    L.O.V.E. That pommel! I love it when I see simple things turned into art thanks to creativity. Congrats guys!
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    The original inspiration wasn't the old Lutel swiss saber, by any chance? They look every similar. (Though, I actually like this one better.)
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    I really like this one, nice clean lines and looks like a ‘fast’ blade

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    Ditto. My only reservation is that the steel prongs on the pommel are spaced in a way that would easily snag on clothing. Also, if you're among those people who tend to grasp the pommel, those prongs would discourage you from doing so.

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    Anders, Actually yes. It was specificly referenced by the customer.

    Ty see above

    I'm not sure what other mounts we will offer this blade with, but be assured we will be making more. We approached this blade with a production run in mind.
    Kerry Stagmer

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    I'm aware of the design's origins, so I'm not suggesting that you digressed much from other variants such as the popular Lutel version. It's just an impractical component. Some variants round off and shorten the prongs more, but the problem persists. Of course, some people think a katzbalger is attractive, rather than an abomination unto the eyes.

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    really like it, the metal on the hilt is very clean and organic looking. Very nice!
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