Announcing “Broadsword Academy” by Christopher Scott Thompson:

The complete martial arts system of the Cateran Society, including several historical methods of Highland broadsword along with other arts and weapons such as the sgian dubh, tomahawk, two-handed sword, targe, buckler, battle-ax, cudgel, two swords and the MacGregor Method.

$25 USD, 486 pages, paperback.
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This book does not include detailed instruction on footwork, stances and other fundamentals, as that material is covered in “Beginning Broadsword” from Paladin Press. Here is what it does include:

Seven volumes in one (I've structured it this way so I can also offer the volumes separately at some point for those who prefer it that way).

Volume One:

Wars of the Highland Clans- a history of clan warfare and the battles between the Highland clans.

Lives of the Highland Swordsmen- brief biographies and anecdotes of a number of Highland swordsmen, including well-known figures like Donald McBane as well as more obscure characters such as M'Comie Mor.

A History of Scottish Swordplay- including the true origins of Thomas Page's solo broadsword material, discovered at last! (As well as speculation on the origins of his sword and targe material). Portions of this material have been made available online, but this section has been revised with important new information not available elsewhere.

Volume Two:

The Cateran System- information on Footwork, The Guards, Basic Attacks and Defenses, Lines and Crosses, Time and Distance, Set Play, Loose Play and Flourishing, Cateran Society Strategy. (Broadsword Academy Apprenticeship Program members have seen this material before in the private document “Broadsword 101,” but this is the first time we've made it public.)

Volume Three:

Regimental Highland Broadsword- our curriculum for The Broadsword of Henry Angelo, The Black Watch Broadsword, The Broadsword of Thomas Mathewson and examples of loose play presented as candid photos. To my knowledge, this is the first martial arts manual ever to make extensive use of non-posed photos to illustrate technique. The results are far more dynamic and interesting because they are not choreographed. Instead, they show real bouting situations.

Volume Four:

Old Style Highland Broadsword- our curriculum for the Old Style Fundamentals, Ten Lessons of Thomas Page's Broadsword, The Grounds of the Sword: The Four Principles of Thomas Page, The Sword-Players and the Backsword Style (based on McBane and Lonnergan).

Volume Five:

Sword and Targe and Other Combinations- The Principles of Sword and Targe, Ten Lessons of Sword and Targe, Additional Notes and Tactical Advice, The Penicuik Style of Sword and Targe: “The Art of the Highland Charge,” Examples From Real Bouts, Sword, Targe and Dirk, Sword and Buckler, Sword and Dagger, Double Broadswords, Sword and Dirk, Sword and Steel Gauntlet, Ax and Targe.

Volume Six:

Our Auxiliary Arts- Our complete curriculum for The MacGregor Method, Quick Draw, Black Watch Tomahawk, Cudgeling, The Dirk Exercise, The Cutlass Exercise, Naval Dirk, Claidheamh da Laimh: The Highland Two-Hander, Tuagh Catha: The Lochaber Ax or Sparth Ax, Quarterstaff, Sgian Dubh, The Seven Words Course in Fighting Strategy, Hoplology.

Volume Seven:

The Study of Cleasa- The Three Cleasa, Going Further with Cleasa, The Seven Elements: A System of Cleasa Practice.

By Fire and Sword- Essays on Historical Fencing and Related Topics- including:

The Forging of the Mind: Thoughts on Pattern Practice and Free Fencing in Asian and Western Swordsmanship

Living by the Sword, and Dying by the Sword

The Wintry Fortress: Philosophy and the Western Martial Artist

Advice From The Masters Of The Highland Broadsword

The Use of Gaelic Song in Training

Broadswords and Buffaloes

The essays in “By Fire and Sword” have appeared online or in print in the past.