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Thread: Swordstore iaito for sale

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    Swordstore iaito for sale

    Hello, I am selling my iaito that I purchased from Swordstore. It is made in Japan, practically brand new and less than a year old. A rare gem, this sword is from Swordstore's 1001 Custom Design line. It is perfect for iaidoka who are bigger or would like to handle a larger blade. It is perfectly balanced, as most iaitos that come from swordstore are. It was meticulously taken care of. These are the specs.

    Blade length- 2.5 shaku or 29.8 inches
    Tsuka length- 9.5 sun or 11.3 inches
    Same- Black
    Menuki- Heron
    Fuchi kashira- Tsurukusa
    Tsuba- Edo
    Tsuka ito- Black

    I have plenty of pictures that I would be happy to email to anyone interested. You can also go to the Swordstore webpage and recreate this sword to get a better idea. Serious offers only please. You can email me personally at

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    Nice design but you have to state a price
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    Price and Pictures are standard.

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    pm sent regarding posting a price,
    post to be deleted if price is not posted

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    I wasn't sure how to edit this so I have newly posted this with pictures and price.

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