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Thread: British Cavalry Swordsmanship, 1931

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    British Cavalry Swordsmanship, 1931

    Full title reads; "Aldershot. In these modern mechanised days - it is refreshing to see the Cavalry are still as skilful with sword and lance as in pre-war days!"

    Soldiers on horseback demonstrate their mounted sword drill - leaping fences and stabbing dummies. A soldier rides his horse over jumps and fires his pistol. More soldiers go through their sword and pistol routines while mounted.

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    Great clip John, good to see! Can't get enough of this sort of thing.
    This site may complement it:
    I saw this, it posted by a member on VWF.
    This particular one is Relief of Lucknow, yes they are wearing swords

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    leaving their sword behind in the target wasn't a problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Dick View Post
    leaving their sword behind in the target wasn't a problem?
    Startling isn't it !
    I guess that is a result of the triumph of the almost purely thrusting cavalry sword design about 1900 ,once it's in it would be a wrist breaker to get out, Hadn't thought of that until now,when i get a chance I will ask one of the Tasmanian light horse re-enactors.. the originals were around until the 1940's

    Did the british employ horsemen outside of the SAS in WWII? In what I suspect is an alternative time line( I suspect bren ,lee enfield and bayonet would have been more likely) what if they had met german cavalry ? just took a look 'cause I don't know the subject but I had trouble finding photos of german horse cavalry ,of which there were brigades worth,actually wearing swords in the field, rather than packing firepower, but, when they did ,they look like no nonsense middle weight sabres.
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