Hi All,

The first piece of business is something some of you may already have noticed. For those who haven't, our own Jonathan Hopkins has agreed to accept a senior staff level position here at SFI. Though he is primarily found on the Antique & Military Forum, Jonathan has been a stalwart and ubiquitous global moderator as well. His characteristic cheerfulness and engaging style is matched only by his expertise in the subject matter and his dedication to the Sword Forum community. Over the years, he's done immeasurable service to our members and has been one of our best ambassadors. Frankly, his move to a senior position at SFI has been long overdue. Congrats, Jonathan, and thank you.

The second piece of business concerns our HES community. From the very beginning, Greg Mele has been a fixture on Sword Forum. As the anchor moderator on the HES Forum, Greg's contributions simply can't be overstated, nor can they be quantified. Unfortunately, due to pressures from his teaching and publishing endeavors, Greg has decided to hang up his SFI moderator spurs. For everything Greg's done here and for all he's accomplished on behalf of the discipline as a whole, we owe him a tremendous debt and his presence as a mod on the HES will be sorely missed. That's the bad news. The good news is Greg will be staying with us and transitioning into the SFI HES Educational Adviser position. Though he won't be moderating, he will remain on board as an adviser and in-house authority on HES matters.

Back on the subject of the HES Forum, though Greg is stepping down from moderating, we will actually be expanding the HES moderating team. More on this to follow.