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Thread: SFI welcomes another new team member!

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    SFI welcomes another new team member!

    I'm honored to announce that Christian Tobler has agreed to join us as HES Academic Adviser!

    Christian has been a longtime student of arms and specialist in medieval German swordsmanship. He is a passionate advocate of the medieval Liechtenauer School, translating and interpreting Sigmund Ringeck's commentary, the 2001 book 'Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship': Sigmund Ringeck's Commentaries on Johannes Liechtenauer's Verse, the translation and analysis of the magnificent manuscript of Paulus Kal, a 15th c. master at arms to the Duke of Bavaria and publisher of 'In Saint George's Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts', as well as 'Captain of the Guild' - a translation and color facsimile of Peter Falkner’s Fechtbuch. He has also produced two training DVDs as part of the “German Martial Arts” series, one on the poleaxe and the other on the messer, sword and sword & buckler. A veteran of 20 years of tournament fighting, he is also an avid collector of reproduction arms and armour. Named to the Advisory Board of Swordplay Symposium International (SSI) in 2002 and in 2011 became a founding member of the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association (CFAA), an organization dedicated to the propagation of historic European martial arts. He brings a tremendous amount of experience and insight to the table and we stand only to benefit from his input on HES matters. Welcome aboard, Christian!

    ~ Hostem Hastarum Cuspidibus Salutemus ~

    "Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who don't."
    Benjamin Franklin

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    Welcome to the team, Christian, and thank you for joining us!


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