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Thread: I just forged a rapier!.....don't laugh!.....he! he!

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    I just forged a rapier!.....don't laugh!.....he! he!

    Hi Guys,

    Just thought that I would share with you my little restoration job. The "fencer" is made from spelter, and had his right arm severed, maybe in a past dual?....he! he! He was also missing his rapier, A quick search on the internet and I was able to find the same statue complete with sword, I was able to scale it from the images, and fabricate a new one, now he is ready for some action!

    All the best,

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    Hi there,

    I've got a identical statue. Even though mine still has both arms, but also no epee (see picture). These spelter figures by Monsieur Masse were the run around the turn of the 19th to 20th century.
    Sold by many fencing equipment suppliers (e.g. Souzy & Lacam a Paris, see picture of a catalogue), but today really hard to come by. At that time fencers and fencing were quite popular so that other artists also worked in this direction (e.g. Raphanel, Madrassi).
    May I ask how you "forged" your epee? And what is the height of your statue? There were different variants of them.

    All the best

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    Hi William.
    I used an oxy-acetylene torch with a fine flame, and heated a 2.5mm dia. mild steel rod to red hot, which I was able to taper down to a fine point, the hand guard is made from a special kind of resin, with metallic fillings added to imitate the same material. That was the easy part, cosmetics are always the most difficult, (as in the case of the arm) where if done properly, you cannot see the broken joint. With restoration, it is all lateral thinking, half the work is already done by planning the job skillfully in your head. The statue was not mine, but belonged to a client, I think from memory it was around 45cms tall.
    All the best,

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