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Thread: Remington bayonet world war 1 us model 1917 bayonet for p14 enfield knife sword

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    Remington bayonet world war 1 us model 1917 bayonet for p14 enfield knife sword

    Asking $75 or best offer plus shipping(use UPS website to calculate that from zip code 43240)

    US Model 1917 Bayonet for the British P14 Enfield rifle, Knife/Sword bayonet very similar to the British P1907 but with a different muzzle ring closer to the blade and not interchangeable. Manufactured for the British pattern 1913/14 Enfield .303 caliber rifle (not to be confused with the British No. 1 SMLE series rifle which uses the P1907 bayonet), this bayonet was used on both rifles and the Winchester Trench Shotguns.

    Manufactured by Remington, this example is marked '1917' under the Remington logo with the US Military 'Flaming Bomb' and 'US' on the obverse with an Eagle-Head over a date of manufacture and to the right is an 'X' which looks like a British 'bending mark' testing or proof mark. Originally made for the British but converted to US upon the United States entering WWI.

    Parkerized steel blade with some slight pitting, wood grips with the distinctive two horizontal grooves cut into the sides (this was done at manufacture for the troops to easily distinguish this bayonet from the British Pattern 1907)

    Email me at
    Prefer payment through paypal
    This will ship once payment is received. Let me know if you want faster shipment than ground due to holidays
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