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Thread: HELP? Antique all-metal sword, don't know what type. Supposedly Islamic symbols.

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    Question HELP? Antique all-metal sword, don't know what type. Supposedly Islamic symbols.

    Hey everyone! This is my first forum post anywhere, ever lol. I've always been able to find at least one other person asking the same thing I want to know, but I haven't been able to find out a single thing about this amazing (in my opinion) sword. Any help at all is appreciated

    I found this sword at a local antique gun & knife show and I believe I got it for a steal, not that I'd ever sell it. The seller said he had it for so long he couldn't remember much about it, but the only thing he thought he had figured out about it was that the symbols are Islamic in origin. Both the blade and the handle are all some type of metal. I tested it with a magnet and both are magnetic, the handle portion wasn't as strongly so but the blade was extremely magnetic. Much more so than a thicker stainless steel blade I compared it to. The blade was only sharp on one side, with the other being a slightly thicker spine. Along the once-sharp-edge of the blade you can see some silver/steel/iron-like metal, rather than the brown patina on everything else and the handle appears to have a different tint than the rest.

    The entire sword is approximately 33in long and was definitely meant to be one handed. If you need any more dimensions I'll gladly take them for you. It has a good weight to it but seems to be very well balanced. The entire blade is slightly bent (I don't mean the curvy style of it), especially near the tip, almost like someone tried to stab with it and managed to compress it. The symbols definitely appear to be hand done, because although both sides of the sword have similar symbols and styles, they are obviously different and not in the exact same places. The blade tang also appears to be set in the handle in some form of cement like material, more or less. It can be flaked off, but the blade is very well supported with not a single bit of looseness.

    Sorry this is so long, figured too many details are worse than too little XD
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    Here are some more pictures. Sorry for the quality, my good camera is currently not working right.

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