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Thread: Old Indian hunting sword/Shamshir Shikargar thoughts? Should I get inside it....?

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    Old Indian hunting sword/Shamshir Shikargar thoughts? Should I get inside it....?

    So I've discovered this sword I have is an Indian hunting sword. The only thing the seller knew about it was that he believed the symbols are Islamic. I feel this could be possible considering it's the second most common religion there, but can anyone back this up? And does anyone have any facts about the sword in general?

    The main thing that is nagging me right now is the tang... Wikipedia (yeah I know, but I can't find much info anywhere else about it, so don't judge too much...) states that "The tang of the blade is covered by slabs of bone, ivory, wood, or other material" and you can see it packed in there, whatever it is. Anyone think theres something worthwhile in there, like marks on the tang? Or should I leave it intact seeing how it's not just a simple setup I can redo?
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    Sorry about the quality, I can borrow someone else's camera if it'll help.
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    Hi Joseph, welcome to the forum.

    This type of Indian sword with naga blade seems to be ceremonial. The profile is in no way functional. Could you post better pictures of the carvings with macro focus? I can see floral motifs at best.
    I'd say early 20th century based on the crude carving. You won't find anything on the tang so don't bother taking the handle apart. At most you can set it if it's loose. You can search this forum for cutler's cement recipes.

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    Hey thanks I like it here lol.

    Although yeah I was thinking it could be ceremonial, I think it's profile is underestimated. It doesn't seem to be that different from a Moro kris blade right? ( and they were renowned for being great at chopping, slicing and thrusting. And the article on the Indian hunting sword states it was used for slicing unarmed opponents and thrusting so it seems similar style for similar purpose. The pics below are the best focused one's I could get, I don't have a good close up lens.

    I was thinking 19th, because the blade seems to have a high iron content (it's more magnetic than any blade I own, so does this assumption make sense?) and that amount of decay should have taken awhile, and since the seller said he had for awhile now made me think it's been out of the ground for a little while now. What would make you guess 20th instead? It's surprisingly well put in there, only just noticed a very tiny amount of looseness yesterday so I think I'll hold off on the cement till it gets worse. I will search and save the recipe tho, thanks for that.
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Size:  97.2 KB Is it just me or does anyone else see a face in the bottom right corner of that last one (attaching a rubbing I got of it below. It may just be coincidence)? And the box like symbol in both posts is repeated on the blade at least 3 (intact) times.Name:  10.jpg
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