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Thread: Help Needed to ID Old Sword

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    Help Needed to ID Old Sword

    This sword has been in my family for many years. I have attempted to photo the blade markings above the handle as well as possible. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Hi Robert,
    welcome to the forum
    I am no expert but from the markings on the back of the sword
    The W and date would put the sword as German (Prussian or Wurttemburg) as both had king Wilhelm II as their monarch in 1915 or 16 (I can't tell if it is a 15 or 16) more likely to be Prussian as they had a lot bigger army
    the stamping underneath is an acceptance of quality mark and does not tell us much
    The sword itself looks to be a Model 1811 Blucher saber in good condition
    all in all a nice example and the hand grip material looks to be in particularly good condition, is it a plastic type material?

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    Additional Info Re: Unidentified Sword


    Thank you for the prompt reply. The handle appears to be of an unknown hard black material. Don't know if it's plastic. I found additional markings on the side of the handle above the blade; here's a pic:


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    Hi Rob
    You are welcome
    one of the forum rules is no values given on this forum, but yes it has definite value .
    do a quick google search "Model 1811 blucher WWI sale" and you will quickly find what people ask price wise for this type of sword.
    there is a classifieds section on this forum where you could offer it for sale if that is your intention

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    Everything has a value to someone, but we are not allowed to give out values on this forum.
    One suggestion I will make, is that you get some quality oil on those active rust spots. The rust is still active by the color it shows in the photos.
    The Saber is a M1811 Blucher style, which was based on the British M1796 Light Cavalry saber. It looks to be a WWI, or WWII bring back of a WWI Prussian saber. We have a couple of German sword experts on this forum, and I am sure you will be hearing from them.

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    Appreciate the replies. I also attached another pic showing apparent unit markings stamped into the handle. The blade itself is in 9+ condition on a scale of rust (looks like it was stored slathered in some kind of heavy grease in the scabbard).

    I have no intention of selling; I'm only interested in the provenance. My parents won this for me in a church bazaar auction back in 1978. It has since become a family heirloom of sorts.

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    BUMP for additional comments....want to know what numbers/lettters stamped into handle (58.E.A.1.31.) mean...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Marro View Post
    BUMP for additional comments....want to know what numbers/lettters stamped into handle (58.E.A.1.31.) mean...
    Hi Bob,

    They suggest that the sword was issued to the 58th Eisenbahn Arbeiter (Railway Construction) company - just the kind of support unit who would carry old pattern arms like this during the early part of the 20th Century.

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