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Thread: Upcoming Baltimore Show 3/16 - Question

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    Upcoming Baltimore Show 3/16 - Question

    I am trying to make the arrangements to attend this show for the first time, probably Saturday only. But my questions are:
    How is the parking situation? Do they have satellite parking with regular bus shuttles?
    Do vendors normally only deal in cash, or do they also take credit cards w/ proper ID?
    Am looking to pickup a "baltimore pattern" American cutlass, properly marked. Possibly a Starr cutlass "1797" pattern as well.
    Thanks again,
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    Parking can be pretty bad, get there early and be ready to walk. No shuttle buses. Vendors take cash, but some will also do credit cards. I'd say it's about 50/50 on that.

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    Though parking might be bad... there is no shortage of it... you just have to walk farther... Its definitely a must see show...
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    Wear comfortable shoes. It can be quite a hike depending on when you show up, and lots of floor space on the inside. Lots of wonderful things to see.

    Never leave anything laying around out of your immediate touch; I saw a large book disappear out the door before I realized what was going on. I had been sitting right next to the miscreant when he sidled out the door. The owner was not happy! (He wasn't mad at me; it was just a very expensive book.)

    Our NPS Harpers Ferry unit usually has a nice display; don't know this year, given the sequester.

    Good luck, be watchful, and have fun.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Used them all. Left at 5:30am and got there at 7:45am, was able to park right next to the stables/barn area, line wasn't too long, not too cold, and it started to drizzle about 8:45am. Well, to be honest, there were alot of guns. I didn't see too much of what I was looking for, ie; naval cutlasses, boarding axes and possibly boarding pikes. There were a few highly priced Starr M1826 cultasses in decent condition, some with the later follow-on metal scabbards. Quite a few mis-identified "cutlasses", a number of reproductions being sold as original. No real naval boarding axes or boarding pikes. But nothing of real significance, so I was a little disappointed. The one vendor though that can always be counted on to have the real deal only specializes (or at least shows) in Confederate Navy cutlasses which I am not in the market for. However if I was into guns of all ages and types, well there were plenty of them. I was even tempted to spring for a "naval" blunderbuss but since I have zero experience and have done no research I wisely let them be. Overall everyone was well behaved, all worried about the black helicopters, jack booted federal thugs, and what have you coming to take their guns. Just a long day, but I guess worth it. As one of my objectives I was able to compare to a certain extent of what is in the marketplace, and now I have a much better appreciation of my collection. I could have done without the beer boiled hot dog n kraut though, as could everyone around me! LOL Mike
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