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Thread: For Sale: Odinblades Shortsword

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    For Sale: Odinblades Shortsword


    Selling my odinblades short sword. 19 inch blade, 25" overall. When John told me it was on its way, he mentioned that there was a surprise waiting for me when I opened it. Sure enough, it came in, and the blade had a hamon!! Supersweet.

    This beauty has been hanging on the wall since I got her, never cut with. There's are two tiny nicks in the leather of the scabbard that must've occurred when it was being handled by a visitor to my house that I can't get to show up with my crummy cell phone camera, and also, a few subtle hairline scratches here and there on the blade that should buff right out. The polish on this one is not as finished as some other pieces I have by John. No rust or discoloration on the blade at all.

    I have another order on the way with John, and am trying to save as much money as I can for an 18,000 mile road trip(yup, 18 thousand, not a typo), so with budget concerns in mind, I need the money more than I need this sword. Asking $700 obo, plus shipping. Shipping to the lower 48 only for now.

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    Do you take paypal?

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    Hi Jimmy, I do.
    The sword is sold pending funds, but if the deal falls through, I'll make sure you've got first dibs on the sword.

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    Ok thanks, keep me posted

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