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Thread: ID help request on old 1796 saber

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    ID help request on old 1796 saber

    From what I've been able to gather, this is some kind of pattern 1796 saber. I don't know the time period, though, or a specific country of origin. I am fine with assuming it is some old cavalry saber from Germany, WW1-ish, but I'd like to run the pics past people here. Of particular interest is the stamp of the crown symbol on the back of the blade near the guard, accompanied by "W 15" and a symbol that looks almost like a C with lines through it.

    Also, I find the "L.F.A.R" engravings on the guard and scabbard fascinating. I assume it is a serial number but I have no idea what it means. The numbers don't match the scabbard for what it's worth. Specifically, the one on the guard says "L.F.A.R.13.8.39." and the one on the scabbard says "L.F.A.R.13.8.6."

    The blade is 1.25 inches wide at the guard and tapers down to 1 inch just before what I would consider the point.
    The back edge of the blade is is about 3/8 inches wide at the guard and tapers down to about 1/16 inch before it gets to what looks like the once-sharped "back edge".
    As far as the "back edge" I just mentioned, it looks like it was sharpened along the back edge from the tip to about 4.5 inches down.
    Point of Balance is 5.5 inches from the guard.
    The grip material is hard for me to pin down too. It's hard, smooth and dark black, not leather...dunno.
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    You are correct WW1 era, dated 1915 "15".
    L.F.A.R.13.8.39 is a regimental mark

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    Thanks. Good to know that's what the 15 means. As to country of origin, if it is ww1 then I would assume it is German?

    Also, I am curious if anyone is aware of a way to try and decipher the regimental markings. Any ideas as to what the LFAR stands for? A place to start looking to find out? Thanks...

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