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Thread: unknown swords origins?

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    unknown swords origins?


    I am asking for help determining what the origin are of two swords I possess. My brother got them while in service in Vietnam. He said they were Thailand swords, but the writing looks Persian. I have pictures if someone might be abler to help me. My brother suffered injuries from his service and does not remember anything about them. They are about three feet long encased in a sheath with rounded handles. The hilt and blade are solid and sharp. the interior wood is Camphor wood but the decorations all over the sword case and handle look Persian and there is writing on the blade and decorations carved into the blade. They are quite beautiful but mystifying. I would appreciate any and all suggestions about how to solve this mystery.
    Chris Riggan

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    Pictures will help - just post them here.

    From your description, no reason to think they're not Thai. Can't really say more without pictures.
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