Hey guys (and the occasional gal), I have a very fine copy of "Islamic Weapons: Maghrib to Moghul" for trade. I would probably sell it if someone just made an offer, but I am interested in a trade. It's a great book, but not exactly my forte, so off it goes. The only flaw it has is the lack of a dust jacket. Otherwise, pretty much new. Its by Tirri, and was covered in depth here: http://www.swordforum.com/forums/sho...hrib-to-Moghul. I am looking for any of the PBF bronze artifact books, if you have one you will know what I mean, or any of the "Die Funde der älteren Bronzezeit des nordischen Kreises" books, although I suppose thats a bit of a long shot. Or, any kind of blade or whatever. Make me an offer if you are interested. but I am really into bronze age stuff.