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Thread: Pair of Kukri seen at auction

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    Pair of Kukri seen at auction

    Hello all, in my first post here I talked about a sabre I saw at auction. However also at the auction was pair of Kukri shown in the attachment together in the same lot. Although I wasn't interested in them I was wondering what you guys thought of them?

    The auction has since closed.
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    Hello Anthony
    The top one is the archetypal "Lions Head" tourist kukri. These have been made mainly in India for the tourist market from I believe the 30-40's right through to present times. They vary greatly in quality this one looks clean. Judging by the unsheathed photo is there something stamped on the blade?
    The bottom one looks like a WW2 era kukri possibly a bring back item bought in one of the many bazaars in India and the far east. The blade looks fairly basic in fabrication but in very good condition. These banded kukri can vary greatly in age and quality again being made from the 30's through to the 50's (maybe wrong on that hopefully others will correct)
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    Hello David,

    Thank you for getting back to me on these Kukri. As for something being stamped on the blade I'm afraid I can't say as I didn't view them in person and only the two photographs were provided by the auction house.

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