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Thread: Odinblades Maintz pattern Roman Gladius

  1. Odinblades Maintz pattern Roman Gladius

    A while back I commissioned a special high layer ladder pattern Damascus billet from Alabama Damascus. It was to be for a Roman Gladius to be made by John Lundemo. Now typical gladius have a blade length of around 20 inches. When the billet arrived, it was longer than ordered! This is just a testament to Lacy's customer service !

    John and I thus decided to make it a little longer. We knew we wanted a Maintz pattern blade but why not make it a MAN'S blade!!!!

    After a worthwhile wait this baby finally has arrived home to me!

    The hilt is incredible! Rosewood pommel and guard. Bone handle. Bronze spacers. Peened tang. The scabbard has four mounting rings and is wood covered with goatskin with a darkened bronze chape.

    I own a few Odinblades but this one takes the cake!

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    That is an outstanding sword, David! John's work is always impressive and this is no exception. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Close up of the pattern.

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    Beautiful. What's the blade length?

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    Very nice.

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    That is beautiful David, Congratulations !
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    Me likey....


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