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Thread: military practice saber???

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    Question military practice saber???

    Hi everybody!
    New in the block, and a resent (3 years ago) sword collector, mainly Spanish and old fencing sabers (any questions on the subject more than happy to assist), I was wondering if somebody could help me get some light regarding a -in my opinion- military practice saber*, with some resemblance to the 1821 British pattern, I just acquire in my last trip to Spain. Pictures below…!
    Thank you very much.

    Miguel v Fedák

    *Practice saber because the form of the blunt blade, the double guard, and some additional lead pieces in the handle and pommel for some extra weight (see picture 6).
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    Miguel: That's nice! Have you tried contacting Jeffrey?

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    I would love to see someone replicate that blade for manufacture. There aren't a lot of options of purpose built practice blades on the market.
    Jeff Richardson

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    Hi are you? Jeffrey?


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