A pair of tsuba offered for sale, handmade by me from wagon wheel wrought iron bought from the USA.
They were made as a daisho set to be mounted on a pair of blades but the swordmaker never came through.

The kanji/character on the Dai tsuba reads 'Tao' and the Sho reads 'Zen'.
It was a play on words , Tao and Zen(now and then), which I found amusing at the time...

Sizes -
Dai - 72.5mm x 71.5mm x 4mm
Ana - 26.5mm

Sho - 62.5mm x 61mm x 4mm
Ana - 25mm

US$250 for the pair, which includes paypal fees and international shipping.

Link to the photos - https://picasaweb.google.com/1083860...53/DaishoTsuba