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Thread: military practice saber???

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    Question military practice saber???

    Hi everybody!
    New in the block, and a resent (3 years ago) sword collector, mainly Spanish and old fencing sabers (any questions on the subject more than happy to assist), I was wondering if somebody could help me get some light regarding a -in my opinion- military practice saber*, with some resemblance to the 1821 British pattern, I just acquire in my last trip to Spain. Pictures below…!
    Thank you very much.

    Miguel v Fedák

    *Practice saber because the form of the blunt blade, the double guard, and some additional lead pieces in the handle and pommel for some extra weight (see picture 6).
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    Miguel: That's nice! Have you tried contacting Jeffrey?

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    Hi Miguel, I agree with you that it's a British (or British-inspired) gymnasium sabre. The 'dumbbell' section blade was standard for British gymnasium sabres from the 1860's (I own a few) and I know that in the 1860's Wilkinson made one with a 3-bar 1821 style hilt. So I guess this is part of that lineage. Very interesting that it has been modified with extra hilt mass - it's also lighter in the foible that most British gymnasium sabres of this date.

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    Thank you Matt for the enlightening commentaries. Could you please send me some pictures of the gymnasium sabres you have, to compare?...and regarding the "British gymnasium sabres", is there any book out there you recommend I should read? Thanks again...
    PD. Attached some pictures of the same saber before it was restored...Name:  x1 - Copy.jpg
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    Thank you...Matt


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