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Thread: Bill Siegle Custom Scythe Lobotomizer Short Sword

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    Bill Siegle Custom Scythe Lobotomizer Short Sword

    This is a custom piece Mr. Siegle made for me a while back. It's about as massive a chopper and thruster as you're going to find. The blade is about 14" .25" thick differentially heat treated 5160. You can see the temper line in the steel. Handle is about 15" inches long and the blade is 3" WIDE at it's widest point (just before the tip sweep). Black one piece G10 handle scales and kydex sheath. It is an axe, spear, sword, knife, lance, halberd, prybar, hammer, boat paddle, and shovel all in one. Make a great survival tool. Skull crusher pommel is parallel to tip and it's actually got a good balance. The curve of the handle gives this thing amazing chopping ability. Just like an axe. But it is linear tip to top so it's still good for thrusting as well. It's handle geometry is semi-oval like an Axe handle. VERY comfortable. I remember Mr. Siegle saying he liked how the handle turned out so much he was gonna use the same geometry in some of his other knives. It's more graceful than it looks. Bill did a great job with the ergos. It's a powerful blade for sure. And though it looks brutish, the blade geometry is well thought out. It slices finely and is RAZOR sharp. This will cut other swords in half.

    Asking $800.00 Conus plus PP fees. Trade value is $1,000.00

    Looking for a high quality Japanese style sword. Something like a Chen Tiger Elite, kami, bushido, silver shinto, Bugei, or something of the kind. Or a modern Japanese inspired O-Tanto style knife.

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    Is this the "LOBO" that he designed a few years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Liu View Post
    Is this the "LOBO" that he designed a few years ago?
    No sir. It is my design based on his LOBO but to my specs. It's larger and has far more blade than the original LOBO. The original had like an 8.75 cutting edge. This one has in the neighborhood of 14". Here is a pic of the original LOBO...

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    This item is spoken for by Jimmy Liu. TRADE PENDING...


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