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Thread: Sword Related YouTube Channels

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    Sword Related YouTube Channels

    Matt Easton (scholagladiatoria) has been making quite a few YouTube videos over the past year, many of which will appeal to both sword collectors and practitioners of swordsmanship. A number of his videos feature 19th century weapons including regulation and non-regulation military swords, Indian and Afghan weapons, and Medieval and Renaissance swords. He discusses the interaction of form and function in sword design, how the swords would have been used in their respective historical periods and contexts, myths surrounding swords, book and product revieas well as some sparring and clips of him teaching his class. Matt's channel can be found here:

    Another fun channel is that of Nikolas Lloyd, a.k.a., Lindybeige. He covers a wide range of subjects, from historical weapons to archaeology, and more. In my opinion, some of his best weapons videos are those on Bronze Age weapons as well as his visits to ancient sites in Greece. Lindybeige's channel can be found here:

    Finally, Skallagrim has a large following on YouTube (for a sword-related channel). He reviews a number of bladed weapons, discusses their use, sword myths, and critiques fantasy sword designs. Skallargim's channel can be found here:

    All three channels produce new videos regularly. Matt's is easily my favorite, with Lindybeige being second, but all three have something to offer sword enthusiasts.

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    One small criticism of Matt's page is that he makes a lot of sweeping statements re Japanese Blades. As far as I know, he's never trained in any JSA schools.

    It detracts from what would be an interesting channel.
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    I've greatly enjoyed Matt's videos about Indian stuff.

    And I've watched Skallagrim's stuff too, I like the more light hearted approach he has on some things.

    What I as a collector hate is the constant katana vs. longsword approach (especially with HEMA attitude ) that fills Youtube. Of course that is stuff people want to see and debate over and over again... There will be fanboys and each of us is bit biased one way or another. I know the anime is strong in many youtubers, just try to look over it. As a nihontophile it would be nice to see bit more info about some statements made about Japanese swords.

    And nope, I'm not a total katana fanboy, a while ago in Japanese theme day in our National Museum when we were discussing sword quality I brought up Ulfberht, Ingelrii and Passau, as few examples of which could be seen at the museum. People just tend to always try to name "the best" this and that, and often fail to realize there is plenty of great stuff around.
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    Although Matt did a series on katana, most of his videos have nothing to do with them. As you said, Jussi, I think people like the idea of a "best" sword (or anything), and the katana is the "best" in pop culture (movies, anime, etc.) and a lot of HEMA people like to address the myths around the katana and longsword. Beyond his series on it in the fall, I don't think Matt has belabored the point and he does a great job of educating people on a wide array of swords, swordsmanship, etc., and I think he does it better than anyone else on YouTube. Just my opinion, obvioussly, and I admit to being biased since he covers a lot of 19th century British saber material.

    Skallagrim does a lot with firearms and knives (I am just not interested in either, my eyes glaze over when people start talking about pocket knives and "EDCs"), but I do tend to enjoy his sword videos. He clearly puts a lot of work into his videos and has good production standards. Lloyd's (Lindybeige) videos are usually a lot of fun, even when I think he is dead wrong about something (lots of speculation based on replicas). He does a great job of getting conversations going, and I really like it when Matt Easton makes response videos.

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    Another interesting channel to check out is Razmafzar, which is all about Persian swordsmanship and martial arts:

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    Another vote for Matt's excellent channel.

    I think the myths of the superkatana and the 10 pound longsword are so ubiquitous that such videos are necessary as well as entertaining in a world where 'Myth busters' holds sway over public opinion..
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    Its about time people got some sense into them and realised that the weapon has very little influence on who wins the fight... ability and attitude are the main factors. Its very reminiscent of the 'my dad is better than your dad' you hear five year olds arguing about....

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    I must say I learn a lot from Matt's channel. He asks the right questions and points out simple yet important details only a swordsman can figure out. And it really pays off that he has but theoretical(as a fellow archeologist) and practical(as a historical fencing instructor) expertise. Most sword reseearchers lack one or the other. and He kindly answer most of questions in the comments section.
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    The channel "brotherbonzai" (aka Jeffrey Robinson) has a lot of great videos that document the processes involved in making swords. The bronze casting is a lot of fun to watch!


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