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Thread: WTT: One of a kind Mineral Mountain Sword

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    WTT: One of a kind Mineral Mountain Sword

    Got a one off from Ted recently. It's a beast for sure. I have had a chance to use it yet so it's in new condition. Overall length- 29.5 ". Cutting Edge- 18 ". Blade width- 2" (at widest) . Steel thickness- 1/4" (5160). Weight- 3 lbs. Differentially heat treated. Dark green resin soaked cord handle. Steel tsuba and butt plate. Parkerized blade. This thing is bad to the bone folks. This is a real sword... it would probably snap a Hanwei cutter in two. I'm in no hurry to lose this so whatever I trade for is gonna have to be worth it.

    Looking to trade for something a little more japanese in style. My absolute preference is a Rob Criswell Katana with 28" blade and around a 12" handle. But I'm open to other sword trades. If it's a European style sword... it's gotta be a two hander. I would also be highly interested in a high quality traditional style tanto (No Americanized Chisel Points) but made from modern materials. By traditional I mean with a Tsuba and some form of wrap.

    This pic shows the balance point. It's resting on a plastic cassette tape case.

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