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Thread: For Sale: Salamander Armoury Pattern Welded Seax

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    For Sale: Salamander Armoury Pattern Welded Seax

    Well what they call a significant life change causes me to offer more of my collection.
    Here I have a pattern welded Seax with two sheaths by Dr. Jim Hrisoulas.
    Seax is mint, having never been used to cut with, It features a really beautiful pattern, I was told by the previous owner that it contained meteoric iron, but I have no way to tell, except Salamander Armoury does use it in some case.

    Blade is 20 inches long, overall about 26.

    At present I need $1000 check or MO. At that price I will include shipping. I can accept paypay if needed with an extra 3%.


    Please email me if interested.

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    There are some dark spots on the blade, the largest is about 6mm long. They aren't rust pits, just look like some carbon deposits to me. You can see the pattern welded designs running through them.

    I have some better photos starting here:

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