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Thread: 2nd silver shamshir

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    2nd silver shamshir

    here are pictures of another Shamshir that was included in the collection I acquired. There is no signature on the highly curve wootz blade, but there are many marks on the silver scabbard and handle. Rhino horn grip? Any help in terms of region, date, maker and value would be much appreciated.
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    Again a beautiful sword.
    The small square punched marks look like (possibly) Islamic '84' silver purity stamps (rather like we would se 800 or 925 on modern silver).
    The silver marks are very interesting as you have so many different ones! I can see a tugra and others. Some micro close-ups would be interesting and might allow our language experts to translate.
    As with the other swords, close-ups of the blade and any marks on it are a must really.

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    2nd silver shamshir

    Here are more photos as requested. I can see no maker marks or inscriptions on the blade. Some engraved decoration near the fullered tip of the blade. Much corrosion as you can see, but the wootz pattern is still visible over much of the surface. By the way, handles appear to be heavy horn. Not sure how old these swords are - could they be rhino?
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    Hi Dave,

    Show the engraved decoration if possibole.
    It's a very nice sword and as you say, seems to show a wootz pattern inbetween the corrosion.
    It's a shame nobody seems able to help with the silver marks, but don't give up hope yet.
    You could try registering/posting here:
    They are normally pretty good at ID'ing obscure markings.


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