This isn't a matched set but it's a cool set of Criswell Blades. All are A2 with G10 handles wrapped in black 550 cord. I would like to trade them for one really nice sword. Something in short katana maybe. 22" to 28" blade 10" to 12" tsuka. But will listen to all japanese style sword offers. I would really rather stick with a modern interpretations of a japanese sword. Something with modern steel. I want something built for a little more than just mat cutting. I don't want a bunch of knives. Swords only here. I might consider a European style sword but it would have to be super nice and a two hander. I can include other stuff if you have something really special to trade, want these three... but they don't quite equal up to your sword in value. Get with me... we'll talk about it and work something out. It's all negotiable. Not in a hurry to lose these.

Also if you have another cool Criswell sword to offer me for one of mine let me know. I always thought it would be cool to have two Wakis exactly the same.

1. Criswell Chisa Katana. Only ever seen a few of these. 24" blade and 11.5" tsuka. Has a really beefy kissaki. Pretty sure the blade is .25" thick but it looks like it might be a hair thicker. I'll measure it to be sure later. Has a little wear but is in overall 98%. Super cool sword. The previous owner glued leather on the kydext sheath. It's ok lookin but I don't like it. Sheath holds via friction. It holds good... but I wouldn't go jogging with the sword upside down on your back. Sword has a very gentle curve to it. Looks almost straight bit it isn't.

2. Super clean waki. It has a 16"ish blade and 7.5" tsuka. Kydex sheath. Near mint.

3. Tanto. This knife has been used and shaprned. It's currently very sharp. But it does have some wear. It's still in excellent condition. I'd way 96% looks wise. No damage whatsoever. Just use. Doesn't have original sheath. I made a kydex one out of woodland cammo hydex. I'll include that. 7.5" blade and 5.5" tsuka.