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Thread: Rob Criswell Katana

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    Rob Criswell Katana

    Got a new condition Criswell Katana for sale. This one is fairly perfect as far as length goes. Usually you see giant Kats coming from Rob with 32" blades and 15" tsukas. This sword has a 28" blade and 13" tsuka. Very practical for cutting and training. At the pommel the blade is 5/16ths thick. A2 Tool Steel. It's very elegant and quick in the hand. Rob did an excellent job of balancing this one. I seem to prefer a slightly shorter sword so I'm gonna stick with my 24" Criswell Chisa. Comes with G10 scabbard.

    Will consider trading for another Criswell. Especially if you happen to have a Shorter Criswell. I've always wanted one of his giant wakis. With like a 20" blade and 10" tsuka.

    Or a nice Sig P226 9mm

    Partial trade for Wicked Edge Sharpening System.


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    Great Price, and Keith is a stand-up guy.

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    Thanks Jimmy!

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    PM Sent.
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    This sword is sold to D. Opheim


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