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Thread: Nakago Mei Translation Please

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    Question Nakago Mei Translation Please

    The first is a picture of a sword that is said to be of WWII origin. The sword is similar in appearance to a Shin Gunto type 94, but with a heavy black metal scabbard (Photo 1). There are no Arabic numerals stamped into the Nakago Mei (Photo 2). I was hoping someone could translate the inscription in photo 2 for me to help me determine the authenticity of the blade and of the sword. Please let me know if a clearer photo is needed.

    Thank you for the help!

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    Need a larger pic of just the signature (current pic is too small to read all the Kanji).

    Rich S

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    Yoshikawa Yoshimune,Seki gunto tosho,received licence 28th October Showa 18.

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