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Thread: Newbie need advice

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    Newbie need advice

    Hi everybody
    Newbie say 'hi' to all members here.
    I went to Japan for summer holiday.When visited a store that selling high end katanas, i was 'hooked' by katana since then. At that time I was 'hipnotize' by patern on the blade and now I know it called 'hamon' and 'hada'.
    Iam ready to get my first katana and need advice from all members here. Since the katana will not use for cutting, so I dont care about balance, geometry, material, etc.The most important is the katana MUST have real and prominant hada and hamon, come from well know brand and not more then US$400.I dont mind to buy pre-own katana too as long in mint condition.Any advice and offer will highly appreciate.
    Sorry for my 'bad' English.
    Best rdgs

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    After searching around, I know what I want! A Bugei katana from their Exclusive line.Have to double or triple my budget but willing to do it.Now into market for a Bugei Katana( except Shobu Zhukuri)...any body willing to let go their Bugei?

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    Teo, now you know what you want your best course of action would be to post a WTB (want to buy) thread in the classifieds.

    Edit: I see you already did.
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    I personally would buy new, never know what stress could have been placed on used ones that the user might not disclose. Either way the Budei is a pretty good looking blade, good luck in your search!
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