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Thread: Chinese mini dagger /knife ????

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    Chinese mini dagger /knife ????

    what are your thoughts on this piece. I cant find anything close to it.
    I am thinking tourist junk
    Blade measures about 4 inches

    Thank You for your time and help
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    Last pics

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    Quite nice moder work. Probably Tibetan in spite of Chinese Daos symbols on the scabbard.

    You are completely right - the stuff for laowai (i.e. European tourists). But good enough, IMHO.

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    It's in a traditional style of Chinese trousse/eating knife (except perhaps for the style of the garish over-ornamentation - some antiques are garishly over-ornamented, too), but the blade is very short. The blade looks like what I've seen on modern knives from Xinjiang. If longer, would not be out of place on a trousse. The "real thing" would house a pair of chopsticks in the scabbard - hard to do usefully in this size. Search Google Images for "Chinese trousse" and you'll find plenty, but bigger. The ones I've seen with this style of fittings have all been modern.

    Probably for tourists (perhaps internal Chinese tourists, as much if not more than Europeans). "Junk" depends on the quality of the blade.
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    It is interesting looking however I'm on board with the other comments, I'm leaning toward the not highly valuable side of things beyond it's basic utility.
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