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Thread: FS: Przemek W2 Katana

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    FS: Przemek W2 Katana


    I purchased this blade from Przemek and it's gorgeous, but money is tight and I can't afford to properly mount it. As such I am looking to sell it so it can find a new home with someone.
    It's been hybrid polished by Przemek himself and comes with a copper habaki. It also has a nice bit of mune yaki running down the spine.
    It's measurements are:
    nagasa 30"
    motohaba 33mm
    Kasane 6.6mm
    Sakikasane 5mm
    sori 22mm
    sakihaba 25mm
    Weight:. (900 g)

    The is hamon notare gunome with ashi.

    I'm asking for 1850 for this beauty. PM me with offers.


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    Price drop to 1750.

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    Price drop to 1650.

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    Daniel this is Robert I have wire transfer ready so let me know when you get this I will deposit tomarrow
    1650 thanks
    . Also let me know if you still have my address

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    If this is still available, please email me at
    Many thanks!

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    Still available.

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    Price drop to 1600.

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    Price drop to 1500

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    Revving this post, sword still for sale at 1350 usd. Pm for details.


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