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Thread: FS: 1500s Japanese Nihonto Late Koto era unsigned Katana (Daito) in Shirasaya

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    FS: 1500s Japanese Nihonto Late Koto era unsigned Katana (Daito) in Shirasaya

    For Sale:

    Antique Japanese 日本刀

    Overall length: 30.75"
    Nagasa: 24.25"
    (Daito 大刀 or Tachi 太刀 length)
    Age: Sue-Koto (Late Muromachi Period)

    Blade is unsigned, but is late 1500s - Koto era, in old polish.

    It is almost certainly O-suriage (cut down from a greater length), either to meet Edo period sword length restrictions, and/or to be used in military fittings during the Showa period.

    The blade has a very active hada (grain) and a pleasing suguta (blade shape) with graceful curvature typical of pre-Edo period swords.

    The shira-saya is in poor condition with cracks, tired laquer reddening but inside the blade is in surprisingly good condition with a visible polish, reasonable geometry a bright hamon, and a fine silver habaki.

    There are spots black & brown oxidation, some kitae-ware (opening of the grain - see photo) and very small chips in the edge near the habaki (see photo). There are no structural flaws and theblade is sharp all of its length.

    The tang is mumei (unsigned)with two mekugi-ana (pin holes). There is considerable patina and oxidation on the tang indicative of its age.


    Asking £800 shipped within EU - Please contact for shipping to CONUS.
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