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Thread: Massive Clearout

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    Massive Clearout

    For Sale:

    Hanwei General Gunto (Mint) - $400
    Kaneie Black Tiger (Mint) with $200 Sageo - $500 ($400 with no sageo)
    Huanuo Jade Lion Gim (Scabbard has a bit of wear) - $200
    Albion Allectus Gladius (Mint) - $500

    Or everything all together for: $1500 Shipped to anywhere in North America.

    I do take Paypal if one would prefer to pay that way.

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    Ian, please check your pms

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    Allectus Sold Pending Payment

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    pm'd on the Huanuo Jade Lion Gim

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    pm sent

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    Hi, pm sent about the Kaneie Black Tiger. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rene Bourrat View Post
    Hi, pm sent about the Kaneie Black Tiger. Thanks.
    Mm black tiger sold

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    Hi Ian, did you get my PM about the gunto?

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    tha Kaneie black tiger arrived in mint condition. Everything is tight and clean, except some scuffs on the shinogi-ji on ura side. But as the blade still have the factory grease on it, I think that it is Kaneie acceptance for a tameshigiri polishing on their okuden class. Very nice hamon, scary sharp, "tachi style" shape (long blade, deep sori, large at machi and narrow at kissaki), not heavy but tip oriented... I love this sword! Ho! And the sageo in electric blue and white is marvelous.
    Thank you Ian!


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