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Thread: Longship Company: Gimme Shelter!

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    Longship Company: Gimme Shelter!

    Vaguely sword related because a longship is a wonderful venue for sword and other edged weapons...

    Over the years a number of folks have expressed interest and support for the Longship Company, but have regretted the chance to participate, either through geographical distance or other complications or burdens. Well, now you have a chance to support the Longship Company and its educational mission by the time-honored method of throwing money at it! Yes, we have launched an indiegogo campaign for a decent winter shelter so that we may maintain our vessels and other equipment through the winter and early spring. Details follow:

    “As you may have heard or seen, the tarps that are used to protect the Sae Hrafn during the winter are on their last legs - one in particular is now about 30% duct tape and has been shredding into the bilge. We would like to replace the current contraption of tarps and logs with a portable garage for off-season maintenance, and we need your help.

    We have started a social media fundraising campaign on indiegogo to raise funds for a new shelter. The goal is $4000, which would pay for a 44'x15'x16' portable garage canopy with steel frame, plus shipping costs and indiegogo fees. Even if we don't reach this goal, we get to keep any funds raised, and would be able to apply them to the repair/replacement of the current shelter and maintenance of the Sae Hrafn.

    Read more about the campaign here:

    There are several ways that you can help:
    1. Share the campaign on social media - facebook, twitter, forums, etc - especially if you are active with any groups related to Vikings, history, re-enacting, maritime interests, or similar
    2. Donate if you are able - any amount helps!
    3. Attend a work session and/or voyage this season - and bring your friends! Active participation is what we need more than anything else.

    Thanks for your support!
    - Nikki”
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    Retired civil servant, part time blacksmith, seasonal Viking ship captain.


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