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Thread: For Sale: Valiant Armoury Valor with Crecy guard

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    For Sale: Valiant Armoury Valor with Crecy guard

    Blade Length: 33 1/4"
    Weight: 2lbs 8.5oz
    Point of Balance: 5 3/4" from bottom of guard
    Handle assembly length, from bottom of guard: 9 1/2"
    Blade width at base: 1 3/4"+
    Blade width at 5 1/2 inches from tip: 1"
    Guard width: 8 1/2"

    Valiant Armoury Valor sword, with the much more attractive Crecy guard, and customized leather art. Got it a few weeks ago. Belt is Antique Red color, suspenders/handle Antique Blue, scabbard Antique Grey. Lots of big and small Fleur-De-Lis on scabbard and suspender. No action or cutting, only a light coat of mineral oil and Ive kept the handle wiped after handling. Exactly as I got it and would mail it packaged the same way. Polish is typical with no major flaws, edge is very sharp with small secondary bevel. Fuller is straight but not laser straight as it was hand forged/ground. Fits tightly and snug in scabbard. Handle attached with Gus Trim hex nut so you can tighten it if it ever loosens. I have not disassembled it. One tiny pit in guard cast (see photo).

    Its a peach and could be a workhorse cutter, and no wait! Asking $560 plus shipping of your choice. Thanks.

    Paypal preferred.

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    Price Drop: $530 plus shipping.

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    Price drop: Free shipping to CONUS in original box!

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    Price drop: $510 with free CONUS shipping.

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    Sword is sold.

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