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Thread: 300-500$ Katana Advice

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    300-500$ Katana Advice

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a dedicated cutter for tameshigiri and bamboo, and I've been looking at the Dynasty Forge's Musha and Bushi class, and Hanwei's offerings in that price range, also some of the ronin stuff. Also considering Skyjiro and Imperial Forge.

    I'd prefer to stay beneath 400$, but if I have to I'll go over I will, but I won't pay any more than 600$. Can you guys help me out? Thanks.

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    Hi Z,
    I'd start here,

    then at your budget, give serious thought to what you like, what measures suit you overall, and look into the secondary market,
    put up a WTB in the classifieds, also keep an eye out for threads by A Timp there,
    he's been selling some very good swords at a large discount of late, in fact might be worth a pm to him to ask if he has suitable etc,

    As for the pro's and cons of the brands you asked about, put each one in the search engine at the top right, and you'll find lots to work through,
    best of luck with it,

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    Hey Z,
    For that price you can get a range of decent quality swords. Here is a place to start to see some katana reviews.

    I think you're on track with the Hanwei Musashi. I personally have this sword in my arsenal and it has performed very well for me. Hanwei seems to be pretty consistent with their quality so I'm never worried about buying a sword from them. Aside from that Paul Chen swords are usually pretty good quality too. He wouldn't have his name on anything otherwise.

    You'll find a lot of sites providing some insights but I'd start with the one I posted above and go from there.

    Good Luck!
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    Hi Z, and welcome to SFI. Sorry for the very late reply, but there are a zillion threads like yours and I'm going to give the same answer as I do in those. Given that you use the phrase "tameshigiri and bamboo" implies that you're not taking training, then the old "ask your sensei" reply is invalid, so I recommend you get something reliable. PPK or PPK Elite are good enough for a first sword, though I wouldn't cut bamboo with them without training. I would recommend Kult Of Athena for shopping, as their prices are way below the RRP, and you still get a new sword with full warranty. The Musashi Elite that was mentioned here for example is under $600, although it is currently out of stock.
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    Yes, Kult of Athena has a large selection at very good prices (as compared to other sites). They also have good customer service. You cant really go wrong with any of the Hanwei, Dynasty Forge, Kaneie, Cold Steel or the Skyjiro Forge. You will get a little better quality on your upper end of $500.


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