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Thread: Two-Handed Templar by Darksword Armory is on the way...

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    Two-Handed Templar by Darksword Armory is on the way...

    Hi SFI,

    I've read a lot of hatred about DSA so I figured I'd find out for myself.

    I'll be taking shipment of the new Two-Handed Templar sword (with a custom touch of leather) in early May and I am excited to keep you posted on what I find.

    Any happy DSA owners out there care to make me feel better about my purchase?



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    Ive been looking at that one a lot, it comes down to that vs. their 15c Bastard but this one looks like a better design (and heavier obviously). It looks like their flagship model, their state-of-the-art. And it might possibly be better blade quality than VA, in a similar price range. The VA leatherwork is impeccable sure, but the chinese made blade is... well, they may be similar in cost to the Hanwei TinkerPearce bare blades, @$100, right? Good steel and design pedigree, but.

    Is yours gonna be brand new from factory or an older one, KultofAthena mebbe?

    Are ya... gonna get it factory sharpened?

    Hooray a forumite finally getting one! Good on ya and may it slay hordes of ill tempered vegetables!

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    I probly shouldn't but,,, JMO,
    The general dislike I'd guess is down to blatant design theft from the one off makers through the cheap-mid range makers onto the high end production makers,
    an easier option could have been to employ the design artist to make the original sword to reproduce under their banner, with some form of return to the person who did the real work, if they wished to do that,
    The mention of Chinese blades is funny, props to Valiant and well done to Tinker for his part in the Hanwei/Tinker line, brilliant value, plainly stating a Chinese made blade,etc
    From reading online, many, many people think the DSA swords are Chinese made and assembled in Canada, yet touted as forged in house,
    The swords don't look good value to me, detailed comments can be found via the search engine,
    at the prices on KOA there are far better options, with better quality overall, add to that many of the companies/individuals do their own research/manufacture/loss to achieve the product they produce,
    The worst thing is, even with the info that's out there, their blades are below average, some mention they are tough etc, some tell of broken tangs, etc, etc,
    poor heat treat,etc
    Definite time for them to put up or shut up and come clean with the usual Q's,
    And to temper the charm offensive above,
    I can think of a company over here just as guilty of the same, even to the point of using the original makers pictures to advertise the wares,
    But they were/are having their stuff produced in India to import and export,so,,,
    again, jmo,
    But I hope you get something decent as a new sword, best of luck,

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    Okay, Im not a DS apologist, I have no affiliation with them. But at the risk of exhuming every darksword thread EVER... all these things you mentioned happened many years ago. The old reviews from 2008 or before, the I-hate-the-edge-they-put-on-it thread from 2012, the Fable Blades Nokkolen thing, the where do your blades get made thing, etc. Old.

    Heres a vidlink from Oct last year about a new production line piece:
    New product line reviews:

    The Where-the-blades-are-made thing was finally put to bed in this thread/ video:

    I am in no way trying to change your or anyone's opinion about this company. All Im saying is that it MAY be possible for a company to change, grow and improve. Constantly dredging up old news about DSA as an excuse not to look at new products seems backward thinking to me. I want the sword community to have viable choices at different price ranges, not just 1.Windlass... 2.Valiant Armory... 3. A1bion/Arms&Armor.

    I think the best attitude may be... Hooray! Tell us what you think! And let the new products stand on their own merits.

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    Although the workshop video thing is debatable.

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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    Yeah, there are a lot of negative opinions about DSA floating around but they're old. I'm picking this one up, new, from the forge in Montreal (and it will be sharpened!)...

    As with Granovsky, I too am not trying to sway opinion - I just want to add some solid facts to the ongoing debate. I am by no means an expert in swords but as I career I help retailers judge quality in the products they purchase... Hopefully that somewhat qualifies me to tell the difference between something quality and something as bad as everyone says.

    We'll let the sword speak for itself on that and I look forward to everyone piping in on it. I'm learning here so advice and opinion is welcome.



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    If DSA is for you, excellent! It's for me.

    Hey Wall,

    I can honestly say, I have been buying DSA swords for years and I love them. I have had some great swords, not so great swords, heavy swords, light swords, and beautiful swords from them over all that time. And, if and when anything has happened to one of them (damage is covered for up to 1 year) they respond immediately and their customer service is amazing. "Send it back and we will make it right."

    As to the construction of their weapons, don't let anyone tell you different, their blades are tough as anything. They have a dual hardening on them (60 HRC on the outside edge and 48-50 HRC at the core). They are made of tough, flexible 5160 carbon steel. They improved their weight and handling over the years, and really do put out an amazing sword at present.

    Personally, I have tested their flexibility, durability, and maneuverability for myself in backyard cutting, and I have been impressed. I bent the sh*t out of a Gen2 on a 2-liter bottle the other day, but the DSA stood its ground. I'll take that every time.

    Now, I am in no way an expert. I don't forge my own swords. And, I am in no way affiliated with DSA (please believe that). I just know what I like. That's the point. All sword collecting is subjective to what you like best. There are swords out there from different makers that you could/should get, and ones that you should stay away from. DSA is not one of the latter.

    I know you'll love the Templar. Eyal has heard everyone and is doing everything he can to always improve. Dont believe me? Find Jason Woodard on Facebook and ask him directly. He tests EVERYTHING they make. He'll tell you.

    And hey, if you dont, you can always put it on the SBG classifieds. LOL

    Best of luck! Great choice!

    P.S. I am getting the Carpathian from DSA in August.

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    I have pulled the trigger on the Scottish Claymore. It looks graceful for a big sword. Ill review it when I get it, hopefully soon as they are very busy ATM!

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    Hi All,

    I've been waiting to find the time to get back to this thread since receiving the sword. I apologize for the delays!

    Without further ado:

    The sword is spectacular...

    It arrived in an over-sized box, surrounded in oily stretch-wrap and bubble wrap. I could tell it was going to be special just from the care taken in the packaging...

    I pulled the sword out of the box/wrap to find that the craftsmanship is nothing short of impressive. I'm absolutely blown away at the quality and symmetry of design/fabrication, weight and feel, over-all fit and finish. Within 2-minutes of getting it home I had a hole in my ceiling (not an expert swordsman!!) and I still smiled through it...

    The blade, pommel and guard are aligned, the blade is dead straight - very impressive.

    The custom leather color I don't like because the sheath wasn't constructed to match... I would have liked the lighter brown but the feel and stitch work are fantastic. When it's covered in zombie goo you won't be able to tell anyway...

    The edge came sharpened and is very decent for the money. The tip could use some work but I'm not sure I want to practice my honing skills on this blade to start.

    All in all, from customer service to end product I would score DSA/my sword at 9.0/10 - There is always room for improvement. I'm incredibly picky and that is just my philosophy. With that being said - I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy another DSA direct from the forge when I'm ready. The Claymore was my second pick and it likely will be when I start shopping again but we'll see...

    I've made a custom plaque to display/have readily available. I'll upload some pictures soon.

    P.S. if anyone wants to purchase two (2) brass Wolfs heads to hang swords from let me know.

    Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.



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    My Claymore arrived! You can read my review here:

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