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Thread: Ottoman Yatagan sword. - need help dating and translating.

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    Ottoman Yatagan sword. - need help dating and translating.

    Now here is a sword that I really like, but which is somewhat outside my normal Field of collecting, and a type I know too little about, so I ask the knowledgeable members here to help me find out more about it.

    A friend on has helped me a bit, translating two Words of the inscription on the left side of the blade, and I am very Grateful for his help, but I am posting it here in the hope of getting more translated, especially if a date can be found on it, and for any additional information if possible.

    Here is what I know, or think I know... This is an Ottoman Yatagan. I do not know its age, but I suspect that it is quite old. It has inscriptions on both sides as well as engraved images. My friend on says that the script on the left of the blade is Arabic alphabet, but that it translates best in Persian, and that this could indicate an early Ottoman sword. So far he has identified two Words: "while supreme"

    There is no doubt at all that it is a high quality blade, great steel and very well balanced! The grips are Ivory and the fittings on the handle are richly decorated silver With a deep, black, patina. The peened rivets that hold the Ivory grips have a very dark patina, old inactive rust that I believe indicates great age. The blade has a pleasing grey age patina as well as engravings on both sides.

    The story behind it as far as I know is; it belonged to a well known Norwegian sword collector. Parts of his Collection was bought in bulk by another sword collector here. Now this sword is outside his range of collecting, and his Field of knowledge, and he sold it to me quite cheaply. All he had on it was a note stating: "Yatagan sword, possibly turkish.".

    So, I believe this sword is a good one, and Worth more than the price the previous owner put on it, but I am not really that interested in monetary value, the historical value means more to me. So, if someone could help me translate the writing on both sides of the sword and help me put it in a historical context I would be very Grateful.

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    The sword in full lenght:
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    The right side of the blade
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    The left side of the blade
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    The handle/grips
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    If I am not mistaken, the symbol on the right side of the blade is the sword of Ali, Dhu l-fiqar (or Zulficar), a shiite symbol supposed to protect against the evil eye and possibly also to give strenght to whoever wields this yatagan. A friend of mine recognized the symbol. Hmmmm... One step closer to the facts about this sword...

    Now, what do the flowers symbolize?
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    I am a bit stuck at present, as I do not know these swords and the different styles of them, so I cannot really determine an approximate age for it. Could some of the knowledgeable members here please chime in if you have knowledge to share? I am looking for information about how old this sword can be (If not a definite date, then an approximate one?), and on the symbolism and writing on the sword. Does the alphabet (Arabic) and the Language (Persian?) tell anything about the time period it is from? I hope to hear from you, and would be very Grateful for any piece you could add to this Puzzle.

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    Ok, so the inscriptions name Ali and his grandson Hussein.

    I know that one has no right to demand that anyone use their time to help out others on forums like this. Still, on the WWI forum on Gunboards helpful People rush to my aid, and shed light on this one, whereas on this forum that is dedicated to this region and this type of swords, - not one single Word! The sound of crickets and nothing more. Amazing! This sword is more interesting to the WWI afficionados on gunboards than to the sword afficionados here. Food for thought, that... At least I know which of the forums is of the most value to me... Anyway, I am slowly finding out about this sword, thanks to those who are members outside the swordforum. I love forums like this With lots of knowledgegeable members, and lots of interest in specialised subjects. But, I'd have loved to hear from you. No such Luck, though.

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