Registration is now open for seminars , shinsa and the tai kai competition. Please go to and look for the registration tab.

Couple of things to pay attention to when registering:

1. You must enter your first and last name, and dojo in order to proceed to registration. Please make sure you use the correct name and USFBD member number. Current USFBD members will get a discount on the checkout page

2. DO NOT select the Shinsa buttons at the bottom of the registration pages. these do not work and we are working to remove them. Shinsa 's must be registered and paid for separately as this $$$ goes to Japan. These forms can be downloaded once you select your events and head to the checkout page. Please pay attention to the dates this information MUST BE RECEIVED by to qualify for any of the Shinsa's.

3. Some of the most popular seminars have a maximum number of students . Once this is hit, you will not be allowed to select these seminars any more. Register early to get what you want.

4. PLEASE enter a team name for team cutting or at least who you want to cut with. if you leave this blank, we will put you on a team with whoever needs a partner.

5. You MUST enter a partner name for Kumitachi. We will not be matching people up for this event.

6. People who purchase tai kai completion events / packages will receive FREE admission to the Friday night Masters Embu. Otherwise it will be $5 at the door.

7. IMPORTANT - you will NOT receive a confirmation email with your details. Please note when you are prompted to save the URL for your specific itinerary. This is the only option you have to SAVE what you registered for.

More to come as they develop.

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Tom Smyth
2015 Tai Kai stuckee