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Thread: Making trough for scabbard

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    Making trough for scabbard

    I have some chisels and a dremel. I need to carve out the trough for the blade to go into. Are there any other recommended tools to do this? This is my first scabbard. Every thread I have found has been no help when it comes to making the slot for the blade.

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    I've used a wood carving knife and gentle to medium radius gouges on mine. I would profile the blade in pencil, then carve straight down with my straight-edged woodcarving knife several times, then gouge out the waste. Repeat until a good fit is achieved.

    You may want to try a woodcarving site for further hints and information.

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    I assume at this point it is in two pieces. Draw out your out line of blade, set up debth gauge head on dremel and pick a flat cutting straight sided bit. Use a straight edge across routing plate and set blade at 1/2 thickness of sword blade. Cope out inside away from line, stay at least 1/8th from pencil marks. After inside is coped follow around edge of line. Use two small wood clamps to hold two halves of wooden scabbard together test blade. If blade is tight move bit out a bit but only carve first 10 inches or so of scabbard from throat. Check it again, repeat. You won't need near as much off pointy end. Eric
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