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Thread: Nosyuiaido (Swordstore) Iaito model 2002 for sale

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    Nosyuiaido (Swordstore) Iaito model 2002 for sale

    I am selling my Nosyuiaido Japanese Iaito. As most you probably know, an Iaito is a specially made, un-sharpened sword for practice and instruction in the arts of Iaido and the Japanese sword. This sword was made in Japan, and is Nosyuiaido (Swordstore) model number Iaito-2002. Here are the details:

    - The sword has a 40" overall length and a 30" blade.
    - The Tsuka (handle wrap) is navy blue silk
    - The Tsuba (hand guard) is the 'Musashi Crescent'
    - The Fuchi Kashira (Hand front and end embellishments) are the 'High Wave'
    - The Menuki (decoration in the handle wrapping) is the 'Triple Kiri'
    - The sword has a beautiful and unblemished high gloss black saya (scabbard)
    - The sword has a beautiful hamon (temper line) along the entire length of the blade.

    This sword has never been used and has never come in contact with another sword, or anything else for that matter. It is ready for someone who is serious about training in the martial arts.

    Paid well over $750 for this sword plus shipping from Japan. asking $500 or best offer.

    Contact me at
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    Are you able to provide a couple more details please:
    the nagasa length
    the tsuka length
    the weight without saya
    location (to understand freight costs)

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