Tobler, Christian Henry. In Saint George's Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts. Wheaton IL, Freelance Academy Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-9825911-1-6

This book contains several plays for dagger, messer, wrestling and an introduction to the poleaxe. Tobler cross-references these plays to similar plays in different fechtbuchs and uses modern photographs and images from the manuscripts.
The author also illustrates, with black and white photographs, the universal application of the Liechtenauer system to the knightly weapons.
For the more scholarly reader, the author adds two chapters. One: an essay on the hardships of accurately dating treatises, and Two: a philosophical essay on the Four Guards of Liechtenauer.
The most interesting and useful part of this book is the translation of the Peter Von Danzig fechtbuch at the very end.

The inside contains only black and white illustrations. This is disappointing if you thought the inside would be as visually appealing as the outside. Though the photos show everyone in period clothing, the colourful images from the old manuscripts are conspicuous by their lack of colour. In the Danzig translation, there are no images available even though Tobler mentions that there were "...a handful of illustrations filling its 117 folia."(Tobler, 83) The information is clear enough without them, but it would be more aesthetically pleasing to break up the block of text with visual cues.

"In Saint George's Name" appears to be well researched. The plays can be very helpful to beginners as they are explained in detail while the translation at the end is more suited for intermediate fighters. Those who know a little about Liechtenauer and his teachings will find this section to be an excellent primary resource. Christian Tobler's ideas and explanations are concise, making the study of Historical European Martial Arts an enjoyable activity.

This book should have a place in every serious scholar's or practitioner's collection.