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Thread: Pavel Bolf Custom hand Made Katana in full polish

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    Pavel Bolf Custom hand Made Katana in full polish

    Sword: Hira- Zukuri Blade type.
    Blade- sunobe in W2 german tool steel mono-steel construction.
    Hamon - Chˇji Midare
    Nagasa - 77cm/30.32 in.
    Sori - 3 cm/1.18 in.
    Tsuka - 26 cm/10.24 inches.
    Motokasane - 7mm/0.276 inches
    Total weight incl. mountings - 1250g/44.092 oz
    Custom Mountings:
    Tsuba- iron sukashi: Japanese rain hats in theme.
    Tsuka- white Same rayskin wrap.
    Tsukaito-leather In Black leather competion wrap.
    kashira, fuchi, menuki, seppa - solid copper.
    Saya- wooden with copper ends Saya was made by Randy Black and features a stuning red eggshell lacquered finish.
    I really hate tp part with it as it is a beauty. I am asking $1000.00.
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    This is beautiful, If I could scramble the money to get this I would, best of luck!

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    Thanks Salvatori!

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    How much niku does it have, being hira zukuri..?

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    It is a wedge design.The back is a quarter inch wide...

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    I left you a private message I will take it send bank info

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    Ok, thanks. I also sent you a PM before.

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    Hi Robert, it is a Chase account # 687581582
    Routing # 122100024. I am packing the sword now..

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    Ok sounds good will make deposit today

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    I need the banks address your full name to complete bank transaction they require this info for bank to bank wire transfur

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    Couple questions the condition of the sword ? Please let me know also are those the current pictures they look professionally done. I noticed your new here also do you have any history selling on other sites. Please let me know

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    Joe send me a close up of the blade then we can complete the deal check your private message


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