I've been on an endless search for the infamous Inigo Montoya prop sword from "The Princess Bride" as well as the dread pirate Robert's sword. I am well aware of the scarcity of the limited prop that was made several years ago. I've reached out to many sources and haven't come up with anything. My only hope is that someone has either sword that they would be willing to sell to me. I prefer Inigo's, but I would be just as happy with Wesley's. It's my favorite movie, and Inigo is who inspired my love and appreciation for swords.

If anyone has either sword prop that they would be willing to part with, please please please let me know!

Also, to be more clear as I have been referred to it many times, I am not looking for the sword made by Paul Macdonald. It's absolutely perfect and stunning but I do not have $3000 at my disposal. I am just looking for one like the prop replica that was made several years ago.