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Thread: weird french like sabre

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    weird french like sabre

    recently i found a weird sabre in an antique shop it has what looks like a 1822 blade shortened to 75cm. but what intiges me is that instead af an inscription in the spine in has astral engraving like the ones maked in solingen and a krensh like hilt that doesent looks like any pattern i know.
    It would be amazing to help me identify
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    sorry for the light and my bad english

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    Hey, that's very interesting. Could you post a pic of the entire sword? The engravings on the blade look like 18th century type talismanic markings but the hilt looks like some kind of French Infantry Officer knock-off.
    Peace, Love, SWORDS!

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    yea the blade really looks like a 18 century double fullered blade either. I wil try to get a full length picture. Do you think the hilt is contemporary to the blade or the blade was rehilted?

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    I would say rehilted.
    Peace, Love, SWORDS!

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