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Thread: please help me, hybrid polish shuhozume blade

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    please help me, hybrid polish shuhozume blade

    Name:  topshihozumechojihamon113.jpg
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    Name:  topshihozumechojihamon105.jpg
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    how is this done? etch+pumin or other abrasive?

    please help

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    nobody knows? i sm slmodt sure its some hybrid polish
    everything is like a mirror exept the top of temperline to the 1095 edge.

    i am like 99% its a real hamon i can see a genuine temperline.

    there must be someone who knows. the seller said it's called a white-polish
    dont know if that helpd plrsde give me some feedback.

    kinc regards john

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    same blade but no studio shots

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    no body ? i find that hard to belive

    please help

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    Hybrid Polish


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