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Thread: Purpleheart Armoury Open 2016

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    Purpleheart Armoury Open 2016

    Purpleheart Armoury Open 2016 is being held in Houston, TX on March 18 - 20.

    Tournaments include:
    Open Steel Longsword (80 spots)
    Basic Nylon Longsword (40 spots)
    Women's Steel Longsword (20 spots)
    Rapier & Dagger (20 spots -- almost filled up)

    **All tournaments except the nylon are Bring Your Own Weapon.**

    We will have workshops led by some of the top names in the HEMA community, along with coached sparring sessions. Our workshop schedule is still being finalized so check back often for updates.

    Spaces are limited so register now to secure your spot! The last day to register is March 4th.

    Main Website:

    Direct Registration Page:

    Facebook Event:

    If you have any questions email us at
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    Our Full Workshop Schedule so far:

    Michael Chidester - A Guide to the Liechtenauer Tradition
    A lecture discussing the background and teachings of the major masters and treatises of the Liechtenauer tradition, focused primarily on the 15th century.

    Kristine Konsmo - Sword & Buckler: Rare Plays from I.33
    Demonstrating and applying plays rarely covered in seminars and rarely used in the arena.

    Ties Kool - Zwerchau, How To Hit Him With It
    Working with the Zwerchau, both offensive and defensive.

    Rob Runacres - All in the Hips: Offline Movement & Alternative Plays in Rapier & Dagger
    Introduction to alternative forms of movement to those of the traditional lunge, girata, and pass.

    Ran Pleasant - I.33 Workshop
    Examines the core principles, techniques, and tactics of I.33 sword and buckler fighting.

    Charles Murdock - Ausreissen, Inside and Outside Flats, Fewer Thrusts and Other (Seeming) Oddities in Meyer's Longsword
    Explores some potential martial reasons, beyond the societal, for how the use of the longsword had evolved in Meyer's time.

    Erik Middleton - The Footpad & Cane
    Irish Stick Fighting for Self Defense.

    Kristian Ruokonen - Rivalry Drills and Sparring Games
    Practicing rivalry drills to improve in the 4 Versetzen from van Danzig, and practicing sparring games that push you to work outside your comfort zone.

    Annina Ruokonen - HEMA Fitness Workshop
    Great exercises for supplementing your HEMA training.

    Ties Kool - The Cool Dagger Stuff
    Examining strange, unexpected, and sometimes funny dagger techniques.

    Gene Tausk - Sword & Buckler vs Spear
    Strategies and tactics to overcome a spear in combat using a sword and buckler.

    Nathan Grepares - David & Goliath

    Learning how to deal with fighting against taller opponents.

    Carl Ryrberg - TBA

    Gray Bennett & Cody Brune - Introduction to German Longsword
    Perfect for anyone who has not tried longsword before. The basics of longsword fencing will be covered, and all questions will be answered.

    ....And 15 minute Indian Club Warmups each morning with Ties Kool.

    30 Minute Coached Sparring Sessions:
    Axel Pettersson (2 sessions)
    Nathan Grepares
    Ties Kool
    Kristian Ruokonen
    Carl Ryrberg
    Kristine Konsmo - Sword & Buckler
    Rob Runacres - Rapier & Dagger

    There will be plenty of space for Free Sparring as well. We highly encourage finding a friend or a stranger to spar with throughout each day.


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